Women’s Right to Property

In the ancient times, the woman could hold property but in practice, in comparison to men’s holding, her right to dispose of the property was qualified, the latter considered by the patriarchal set up as necessary, lest she became too-independent and neglect her marital duties and the management of household affairs. The Hindu Women’s Right […]

10 rights for women provided by the law

When the women’s literacy rate is just 65.46% (as per census 2011), everyone can analyse their doleful condition prevailing in the society. Most of the women don’t even recognise the rights provided to them by the Constitution. One of the significant rights provided to women by Indian law is regarding the arrest of a woman. […]

Workplace Harassment! Know the laws!

The harassment a woman faces in her workplace can be sexual or physical. Even the unscrupulous use of power intended to frighten, threaten, intimidate, and gain control over is a kind of workplace harassment. It can be emotional, financial, spiritual, psychological, sexual or physical. Other forms of harassment include degrading a woman in front of everybody […]

Remedies Needed for Child Molestation

Molestation has become a quotidian thing in this modern world.  It is the forcing of undesired sexual behavior by one person upon another.  The offender is named as the molester. Nowadays, not only adults but also children become victims of molestation. Apart from sexual intercourse, child molestation also includes indecent exposure, child prostitution, showing pornography […]

Domestic Disgrace! Know the Dowry Laws!

Definitely, nobody in our society will oppose to their knowledge of the term “dowry”. Everybody is well acquainted with this term. But not everyone is aware of the fact that dowry has been illegalized by our legal system after considering the evil notions of certain families, which manufacture their sons as engineers and doctors in […]

Taboos and Social Pressures: Revisiting Reproductive Rights

Women are considered to be be counting on men. Earlier, a woman was regarded as  subservient, submissive and dependent on the men folk, on her father and then upon her husband after marriage. Earlier, girls were married off at a tender age of 14 or 15 to men who were twice or thrice their age. […]

Women Directors Mandatory on Company Board

Here is a good news for all the corporate women……. Women will now get greater autonomy with the amendments in The Companies Act, 2013. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs, New Delhi, has notified amended rules in the Companies Act 2013, with this all listed companies and public sector should have at least one woman director […]

Misuse Of Section 498A Of The Indian Penal Code

  It is said that with power comes authority. Power brings liberty with it which when misused could lead to abuse and such abuse results in some serious ramifications. One of the foremost example of such abuse is the misuse of Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code,1860.The Section was inserted into the IPC by […]

Obama signs executive order to protect LGBT federal employees

“In too many states and in too many workplaces, simply being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender can still be a fireable offense,” Obama said. “So I firmly believe that it’s time to address this injustice for every American.”   Since President Bill Clinton, the federal government has banned discrimination against gays and lesbians in federal […]