Are a few so called ‘feminists’ ruining feminism for us?

Feminism started out as a revolutionary and a noble idea to bring equality in the male dominant society. Many men and women came forward in promoting feminism. The idea was simple: to give men and women equal rights because no gender is superior to the other. On the contrary, feminism maybe the need of the hour for India but it has started getting more hate than support from a few Indian men. The idea of equality goes for a toss when a woman demands favor. One of the reason for the hatred of feminism is maybe because of side switching. There are a few women who demand equality but don’t want to work as hard as men. Is women empowerment all about equal pay, equal facilities but less work? Another issue is the extreme hate towards men. Certain feminists hate the male gender altogether. ‘All men are dogs’ is one such famous phrase introduced by them. Is targeting a whole gender because of a few rogue elements sensible? all men rape   Most modern men are pro-feminists and practice the law of equality. Targeting all men is an insult to them. This may drive men away from the idea of equality if this continues. Thus, I think equality and feminism is not the same now and people from both genders should strive to create a balance.       ————– About the Author: This article is contributed by Siddharth Deshpande, our intern.

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