7 Things Guys Hate to Hear from their Girlfriends

1. Your Ex: If you want to end your current relationship or end up in a fight with your current boyfriend, only then speak of your ex. Otherwise, you better don’t. Your boyfriend does not want to know about your past every now and then. He’s heard enough already while he was busy getting to know you. My Ex   2. “Stop playing and Talk to me”: Always remember, for a guy, his sport is much more important to him than a girl. So, every guy expects his girlfriend to understand when he’s out there playing for fun. stop doing whatever and talk to me now   3. Commenting on his friends: Every guy hates it when his girlfriend comments on his friends, be it a compliment or a curse. Don’t ever comment on his friends to him, because he obviously favors his friends more than you. commenting on friends   4. “Why aren’t you texting me”: Stop nagging your boyfriend frequently or you will end up dumped. Give him his space and let him enjoy a little freedom in the relationship just as you would hate it if he’s over-possessive about you. why wont you text me   5. Emotional Blackmail: Sometimes when you need to get your work done, emotional blackmailing does work, but then it will lead you to terrible consequences like you ending up being dumped. Don’t always emotionally blackmail your boyfriend or he will get fed up one day and walk off. emotional blackmail   6. “Do whatever you want”: I agree, sometimes things do trigger our anger, but you just have to stay calm. Telling your boyfriend to do what he wants to in anger will only make things worse because that would trigger his anger as well and both of you will end up fighting. do whatever you want   7. Don’t keep telling him what to do all the time: On one hand when you can’t just tell him to do whatever he wants to, while on the other you can’t treat him like you’re his mother. A guy wants his space in the relationship. By telling him what to do all the time, you’re just making him feel insecure. don't keep telling him what to do all the time          


About the Author: This article is contributed by Sonia David, our Intern. Sonia is a funky and sweet girl who is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Arts in Communicative English from Jyoti Nivas College, Autonomous in Bangalore. She loves writing, sketching and reading. She believes that women deserve much more and together, women can turn the world right side up!

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