103-Year Woman & 91-Year Man In Iran Fully Recover From Coronavirus Within A Week

So far, 218,824 coronavirus cases have been confirmed in the world; out of which around 84,8118 people have recovered while the number of people succumbed are 8,810.

It is presumed that the mortality rate among the age group of 80 and above is higher, as compared to those belonging to younger age groups.

This is the reason why the case of an elderly woman recovering from the COVID-19 infection in Iran comes as heartening news.

In the central city of Semnan, a 103-year-old woman from Iran was hospitalized, after she was diagnosed with coronavirus a week ago. The woman was given a discharge from the hospital recently after fully recovering from the infection. The good news is that she isn’t the first elderly person to have fought back the virus. A 91-year-old man from Kerman, Iran managed to recover from the infection in just three days. He also had pre-medical conditions of asthma and high blood pressure.

Such cases have certainly given us all a ray of hope!


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