Women Empowerment- Let’s Break the Silence Today!

  Take any newspaper of the modern India and it will be in awe if you don’t find any incident or accident with women. Questioning the humanity of the society we are living in, I wonder if the people we have around are actually human! A sense of shame is getting accumulated in every educated Indian heart for being a part of an inhuman society where women, in the best, are treated as a lower grade citizen in India depicting an image of helplessness. India-A nation proud of its heritage and intellectual society, where women were treated like men and were worshiped a goddess. The goddess of Shakti- the power, exists?? And the answer is NO.


Rather than a country enriched with culture and heritage, we are known as fourth most dangerous country in the world of women after Afghanistan, Congo and Pakistan. And sadly or luckily our sisters treat gender discrimination as the least of their worries because they have the far more brutal variety of violence to bear such as rapes, molestation’s, acid throwing, domestic violence, harassment and an assortment of others. And above all the increasing fears of such events. And there comes the need to change!! The need to empower and rise above any discrimination!! Empowerment in the dictionary is a term which means-“Make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights:” Well…Once we know the literal meaning of the word, we realize the extent to which we lag behind it. Women empowerment promises to give a society to a women where the air she breathes in doesn’t come crossing any fear. It means a society which makes a women feel equal as men, to be treated equal as men and to proudly breathe and rule her life like anyone and everyone which of course, is rarely visualized in our Indian society today.

women's strength

It’s understood that there are several challenges to it. Our weakness regarding culture, lack of education, poverty is hindrance to a large extent and that how it makes the vision of a women empowered society difficult and it’s never easy to fights against the existing trend and create big changes soon. But now the patience is at its saturation! The need of the hour calls us together, to strengthen ourselves for the women’s rights and dignity. Now it’s the time to take few steps more than just reading, writing and discussing the issues of women empowerment with fellow mates but to rise..to fight and achieve Re-Empowerment.         ———— About the Author: This article is contributed by Ruchi Jha, our intern.

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