Travelling In The Metro With Crazy Fights, Gender Based And More!

Travelling In The Metro With Crazy Fights, Gender Based And More!

“The next station is…” Every morning, people flock to the metro station and hear the droning of the mechanical voice. They hang off bars as people rush to stuff themselves inside the metro.

Welcome to the realm of anarchy. For people who gain amusement from watching other people bicker, this is your paradise. Now, the most battles are fought over people who do not have place to stand (much like everyone else around them), who gets to sit on the empty seat, and my personal favorite: when a man steps near the ladies compartment. Men are forbidden in this mysterious land. As the minority group, the women, feel utterly safe from wandering hands that they may encounter if they mistakenly step into the ‘common’ section (I am just trying to talk in the society’s language, they call women the minority group. Duh!) Strategically based centrally, the female population bicker and gossip throughout the ride in that assigned area. They are extremely territorial about seats and downright hostile when their space is breached. The males react no differently. Among both the genders, no one cares about the distressed student carrying a bag heavier than themselves, or a sick person (gender indiscriminate), or someone who is significantly older. If anyone (god forbid!) leaves their seat for someone who actually needs it, they end up on the receiving end of numerous glares. Obviously, scarce resources lead to hostility. So, why don’t we go over a few things that one needs to do to peacefully and successfully travel in the metro and reach their destination on time?

1) Try not to push the person in front of you when the door opens- You might end up falling face first, taking other people down with you. Save yourself the trouble.

2) Subtly duck around people and get a suitable spot to stand in- doing otherwise leads to flinch worthy responses from your fellow travellers.

3) Try not to complain about how hot it is- No need for stating the obvious, right?

4) Don’t start to shout at people- you are likely to ruin your day and become a source of entertainment.

5)  If you see someone who needs the seat more than you… leave it (even if it’s a man)- it won’t kill you to stand for a few more minutes. And please, don’t pretend that you are sleeping: your twitchy eyes give you away.

6) Not all hands are wandering hands. Not everyone wants to molest you. Be sure before you hit someone in their privy parts.

7) For those with wandering hands: refrain from encroaching on someone else’s space (yes, that is possible in a crowded metro!) and keep your hands to yourself. You certainly don’t want someone to catch you in a bad position.

8) When you leave the metro, please don’t rush. Be safe and less cranky. You automatically have a better day. Remember: being nice is what matters, not someone’s gender. The metro is for everyone. Thinking of a minority leaves everyone vulnerable. Be nice and enjoy your ride on the metro.


About the Author: This article is contributed by Ayantika Lahiri, our intern.

Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor

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