Nicknames for women!

  Living in this cool world, one believes in renaming a lot many things. Being a lover, makes one inclined to give a sweet name to one’s beloved. Wait! Be careful. Don’t you dare use words like baby, babes or child while addressing a woman! She has grown up and isn’t an infant to be cuddled. She knows her rights. In disguise of childish pen names, you can’t rule over her or dominate her. Untitled-2 According to Mary Wollstonecraft, ‘men indeed appear to me to act in a very unphilosophical manner when they try to secure the good conduct of women by attempting to keep them always in a state of childhood.’ A woman wants a companion, an equal partner to travel over life’s cyclical road of days and nights. She does not needs somebody who reminds her about the old loss of childhood as dear to her as Eden was to Eve. Using ‘baby’ is like getting ready to perform the role of a father in her nurturance. Her demands are not to be called a ‘queen’ or ‘princess’ while being an ordinary woman but to be esteemed as a princess by her beloved, as attractive to her as a prince. Give her a name that signifies greater things in life rather than infancy, time of being helpless and too innocent for the worldly ways. The idea of domination by using such terms is most silly of all. She won’t turn to a little baby, smiling in her cradle, wishing somebody to pick her up and move around. Equality fails in such behavioral patterns and patriarchy affirms itself as a better option. The psychology of lovers is the most interesting observation of all. Some crave to move to some desolate spot, or talk in a child-like manner or make attempts to look attractive. The obsession with childhood is the most hilarious one. Why not grow up and be mature enough to talk like adults. The romanticized notions of love need to be clarified by some minds. A woman isn’t a baby to just feed and love, a child who must not venture out alone, a silent female who must bear all indecency and disrespect without stirring against it. nickname for girls Then there are possessive lovers who are most dangerous of their kind. They would give unimaginable nick-names, if any. They look at women as birds who must be caged in order to prevent their flight and remain suspicious. While providing so called love, they live in constant fear of being dumped anytime, the moment the cage opens. In my view, one must be as selective in giving names as possible. It’s better to give no name at all when the beloved already has one name, given by her parents. When true love blooms call it by any name, it remains the same. Naming is just to make things easier rather than complicated. Indeed, naming is for the world and loving is of the soul. She’s an angelic beauty to be respected and loved with truth, call her your better half.          


About the Author: This article is contributed by Anam Fatima, our intern.

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