Virginity is something that is not very casually approached by the common public. It tends to create some sort of discourse or restlessness among people when this topic comes up. And why is that? It’s because if you’re not married or don’t have kids, you’re obviously a virgin which is an absolutely stupid and shitty notion to rally behind because let’s face it guys- people lose their virginity at the age of 18 or even less and it’s seen as a fun experience, not a life changing one! (Of course, it’s biologically safe and healthier if you lose your virginity after the age of 18). On the other hand, there are some groups who find losing your virginity as-“very cool”. It’s like if I go to my best friend and tell him that I’m no longer a virgin, he’ll probably give me a high five and tell me that I’m living the dream. But on the other hand, if I tell my grandmother that I’ve already lost my virginity- I’d get a high five on my face!

So why is the concept of virginity so questionable to some and to others, just a casual matter?

1.) Losing your virginity means you’re an adult

I’ve heard that line so many times. Over the years, I’ve had different conversations on the topic of virginity and there has been one common theme attached to it-“ Once you lose your virginity, you’re finally a man/ a woman!” That is insane, I know! You become an adult once you turn 18. And that is only on paper. You could start thinking like an adult from the age of 16 too. Having sex does not define the line between adolescence and adulthood!

2.) Losing your virginity makes you unclean

So this is the main problem why most people are afraid to be truthful about their personal sex life. It’s the stigma that’s attached that unless you’re married or old enough, like- 30 years old- not being a virgin makes you a dirty, disgusting human being. And why is that? Because there are religious texts that forbid sexual intercourse before marriage so automatically you become unclean! That’s a major problem in many parts of the world, where mostly the girl is targeted for losing her virginity and is seen as an outcast.

3.) Losing your virginity makes you more susceptible to STDs

So this is a very common misconception that people contract diseases like AIDS solely because of sex! Do a little research and you’ll know that AIDS can be contracted through other ways too. Just because you had sex does not make you a carrier for sexually transmitted diseases. There is something called as –“SAFE SEX” where both the guy and the girl take safe measures to protect themselves from diseases that could be caused by sex. Also, it helps prevent the growing a fetus inside the girl. Sex is not a big deal, and is mostly seen as either an intimate experience or a stress buster or a person’s choice. Either way, it’s not something to be alarmed about. Losing your virginity does not make you less or more of a person, it just adds up to your list of experiences you’ve had in life. And remember, always practice safe sex.




About the Author: This article is contributed by Joshua Moses, our intern.

Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor

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