Honesty Makes Plus Size Model Lose 150,000 Followers

Natalia Lozano, a Spanish plus size model, is a self declared ladies’ lobbyist whose prime focus is on spreading confidence among people about their own body in this body shaming era, which of course is focusing on the thin models. After an incident of her posting pictures which revealed a bit too much, to some people’s interest, her popular Instagram account was shut down. She believes it was reported by haters who are not very happy about plus size modelling. It is indeed sad that instead of appreciating her efforts, concluded that her pictures where against their code of conduct.

She gave a strong and confident comment about this incident saying that these haters are people who can’t appreciate someone believing in their beauty and the fact that she is confident and sexy pissed them off to do such an act. They called her pics fat and unpleasant to watch and accused her of editing her photos. She says that even in her country, sexy plus size women are judged and censored. United States is much more tolerant towards plus size models and also have a lot of followers. Natalia decided to fight back and started a new account which got back 21000 of her followers which shows her popularity. She will keep fighting against these unfair social media rules or so called “code of conduct” and will always create awareness and upvote good values, not of envy and hatred.

You can follow her on Instagram @natcurvylicious.




ABOUT THE AUTHOR: This article is written by Govind S. Kurup, our intern.

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