Respect Women – Get the guts!!

Respect Women – Get the guts!!

It takes more than just Testicles to be a Man!

Respect Women – Get the guts.

Manliness means a lot to all the men, so why not respecting women? You got it right- ‘It takes manhood to respect women because only a real man can respect women’. So what makes man run away from it? What makes them disrespect women all the time? Is it in their blood? No, it isn’t! But they are never taught the importance of women from their childhood and what they are taught is women are inferior to men, they are meant to do the household chores only and that raising kids is the only job that women must do! Crap indeed!

Woman is the one who brought you in this world, and for that you can never be thankful enough to her. She can be your loving wife, your nagging sister, your adorable grandmother, your beautiful girlfriend, your knowledgeable teacher, your pampered daughter and so forth! They are also considered to be the most beautiful creation of God but unfortunately they aren’t kept that way.  In today’s patriarchal society, women are just left to be a victim. They are victimized everyday by one man or another and if that’s not enough there are certainly few black sheep’s in the women community as well who try to pull down the progressive women or suppress the quiet ones.

Respect Women is an initiative to broaden the awareness among the communities about the progressive as well as repressive section of the women population.

“Respect Women” has been working in closely analyzing the womanhood and bringing forth the opinions which can change the stereotypical mindsets. Respect Women has enhanced its website and has changed its logo which now says Respect Women – Get the guts.

The new logo now targets male community as well, it invites them to demand equal rights for women as they are humans too and equality is their Birth Right! It advocates Men not to have pity on women but respect them with dignity and last but not the least, it tells them that it takes guts to stand by a woman, so if you have the Guts, they must Respect Women.

Tell me, how many times and how many men do you see standing beside a woman in trouble? I‘d like to place an example from the most barbaric rape of Indian history which took place on 16th December ’12 in the capital city of India where the victim (Girl) was shivering in the bitter cold of Delhi  but no man showed any courtesy to take her to the hospital or even cover her naked wounded body. Respect Women- Get the Guts aims to awaken the humanity in the man and as well as women. This can’t be completely false that a woman’s worst enemy is another woman. All those mother-in –laws who expect their daughter-in-laws to come along with dowry should at least think thrice and then ask themselves WHY? A girl who is leaving her beautiful life behind just to settle your home why she has to present gifts to you? Instead she deserves love and respect for agreeing to take the responsibilities of your house.

A woman deserves respect not out of sympathy but because it’s her right. The creator has given her the right which no man can take away from her. She takes the horrifying pain to bring another entity into this world. She pampers you as a mother, loves you as a wife, cares for you as a daughter and so on, in return to which all she expects is love and respect. But this respect shouldn’t end in your home itself, you should carry it to your school, college, workplace and wherever you go. You and only you can save her from being just another Nirbhaya. It doesn’t means she is incapable of guarding her body but unfortunately she is inherited with less physical power than man so the best  she could do  she does but eventually look towards you for a helping hand which you should lend in respect not in pity.

You can join the Campaign- Respect Women- Get the guts which is against the oppression of women. We want you to bring the desirable change in the society by contributing your bit. Every person has the caliber of putting his/her thoughts forward and so do you. You can utilize your Right to Speech by speaking about the women, for the women. You must know that it takes much more than testicles to be a man. To be referred as a real man, at first you need to believe in equality and after believing it you need to imply it in your own life.

Be a man and Respect Women!        





About the Author: This article has been contributed by Ariba Saeed, our intern. Ariba is a graduate from St.Stephen’s College, Delhi, an institute which gave her wings to fly high in sky. At present she is pursuing PG Diploma in Public Relations from Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan with an anticipation of churning her career dilemma. She is an optimistic soul who not only preaches optimism but lives with it every day. Her mother is her idol of patience, strength and hope. Her writing is plagiarism free as it comes straight from her heart. 

Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor

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