Five Love Letters To Rape Survivors

Survivors of sexual violence are not victims anymore. They had been sexually assaulted but there is no fault on their part. These love letters are addressed to survivors of sexual violence with an intention to initiate the healing process. There is an underlying emotion beneath each letter, yet they are optimistic and they show signs of healing and rejuvenation. 1.This letter to self  is really motivating. survivor love letter2.This letter by a guy addressed to his little self seems to remind people that  “rape is rape, irrespective of the victim’s gender”. rape survivor male 3.This dad’s letter will sway you emotionally. rape survivor daughter 4. In this letter the survivor bravely addresses her rapist. rape survivor 5. This letter assures that rape is not the victim’s fault. rape survivor       SOURCE: SurvivorLoveLetter Tumblr

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