Be you, Be true!!

Be you, Be true!!

Enclosed in the dark chambers of her heart She struggled every day to knock down the bar Captured like an animal in the cage Clueless and helpless always in rage One day she found she was not alone Truth shone majestically upon her like a gemstone Finally she had discovered herself Chains and shackles vanished themselves Faith made her emerge so wondrous

That is the best thing about beauty- be you, be true. It’s an adage – ‘Truth is Beauty and Beauty is Truth.’ Whenever we see a pretty face, we say “AAH…!! SHE IS BEAUTIFUL.” “SHE LOOKS RAVISHING”…But do physical features and attributes describe beauty? Is beauty all about physicality? The answer is NO, certainly NOT. We all know that appealing physically is not being beautiful. But what’s beauty then? BEAUTY From romantic poets such as John Keats to modern poets, every writer has come up with their own definitions for BEAUTY. Beauty might be a small word but it  is an infinite concept. Beauty holds different meaning for everyone. Some people see the beauty while others feel it. It is that inexpressive feeling that provokes you to be yourself. Beauty is what comes directly from soul.TOP 25 QUOTES BY AUDREY HEPBURN (of 178) | A-Z Quotes

Outer beauty is how you want to look. It’s a fact that you feel confident when you look good. It’s also true that we are physically drawn to people having attractive features. But outer beauty is transitory. It is appealing to the eyes but not to the heart. Outer beauty is influenced by many factors:

  • Commercial advertisements
  • Wide range of products
  • Materialistic lifestyle
  • TV shows

Outer beauty is a part of inner beauty. No matter what you wear and how well-dressed you are, if you don’t feel beautiful, you won’t look beautiful. Inner beauty is a blend of good thoughts, values, self-confidence, willingness to help and behaving yourself. The beauty of a woman is displayed by her passion, emotion, loving and caring attitude. Her outer beauty may fade away but her inner beauty grows by everyday.A truly beautiful woman may not be attractive outside but she would be the most beautiful inside. She would be:

  • Submissive but not weak
  • Strong but not timid
  • Humorous but not hilarious
  • Benevolent but not sympathetic
  • Adorable but not adorned
  • Sweet but not flatterer
  • Gracious but not gloomy
  • Wise but not clever
  • Confident but not highly ambitious

And always remember-Be your own kind beautiful…………

About the Author: The article has been contributed by our intern, Vandana Chawla.

Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor

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