Bangalore Woman Did The Most Wonderful Things For Her Husband Who Was Dying Of Cancer

Bangalore Woman Did The Most Wonderful Things For Her Husband Who Was Dying Of Cancer

Anukriti Mehta, a 26-year-old from Bangalore, felt a sudden pang of sheer pain when her husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

They tried plenitude of options to find hope, but all went in vain when the doctors recommended stopping the administering of chemo, and gave the devastating news that Anukriti’s 28-year-old childhood sweetheart has less than a month left.

Not knowing how to consume the news, but being mindful of the time that was speeding away, Anukriti took to Reddit’s relationship community.

She asked the fellow Redditors for suggestions on how she can finally realize the phrase, “Live life like there’s no tomorrow”. She asked, “I am here looking for suggestions to make this time count for him and for us.” And in response to this sensitive request, Redditors poured out their emotions, kind words, helpful suggestions, hoping to be of help in any which way. Some of them were the ones who had lost their loved ones and could relate to her situation. They shared with her things they wish they had done, and things they feel lucky to have done. In addition to spending a lot of time just being in each others arms, she…

1. Captured a lot of memories


In her post, she describes herself as someone who prefers “making memories and not photo albums”, yet, she took the advice of Redditors and recorded a lot of data of her husband doing his daily chores; and she can’t feel great enough about capturing and saving his memories with her.

2. Discussed future, including his expectations from her about finding a ‘future spouse’

Anukriti wrote, “As much as one would want to avoid thinking about a life beyond the one they love the most, not thinking of it will make it that much harder when it inevitably comes.” Her husband wrote all the financial details, wrote her a step-by-step guide on how to receive the insurance money, discussed her future with her next spouse, and even wrote a letter to her future spouse, mentioning details that Anukriti describes were, “wonderful and necessary”

3. Wrote a book about him

An aspiring author, she is proud that her husband is the only reader of her only book.

4. Created a scrapbook

They made a list of the best and the meanest things they ever said to each other and linked them with images and arranged all in chronological order. She even added to the fun memories, a few lists like ‘Top 9 Reasons I Love Him and 9 Best Dates’.

5. Named a star after him

It might sound cheesy but today she is happy she did it and says, “Now I can look at him whenever I want”.

6. Enjoyed an excellent ‘Balcony picnic’

Amidst the beautiful setting of the shimmering night sky, further beautified with a candlelit dinner, they made love in the open air. The picnic, Anukriti describes, was an excellent idea.

7. Organized the ‘last party’

She invited all his friends and family and made it clear that nobody cried.

8. She kept telling him that she loved him, and anything and everything that kept coming to her mind.

9. Did everything he loved

Played cards, watched football matches, watched his favourite shows, cooked him his favourite meals (in which he helped happily), casually held each other…

10. She knit him a sweater and made a portrait of his

11. Made him wear his favourite shirts for several days so that she could smell him after he was gone

To sum it all up, she did manage to make each day count. Anukriti’s husband did pass away soon, and the positive attitude with which she rowed through the tough time with him did pay off well eventually. And even though his demise made her feel like something unexpected struck her, she feels grateful that she had the time in her hand; the time in which she managed to make a lifetime of memories in a span of few days.




Source: Reddit

Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor