Atul Anjan, Senior CPI Leader, Says Sunny Leone’s Condom Ad Causes Rapes In India

The politicians in India are making us insane with every comment they make on women, sexual harassment & rape. They don’t miss a chance to prove themselves fools! We just couldn’t get over what Mulayam Singh stated, “Boys will be boys: or what Totaram Yadav said, “rapes happen with the mutual consent of boys and girls.” Whatever! Makes no sense at all & sensible people would know it, ofcourse. Adding to the amazing politicians list, we have another political leader named Atul Anjan who is Communist Party of India’s (CPI) senior leader. He blames Sunny Leone, the porn star turned actress, for rape in India and that she does ‘kaandome ka prachaar.’ Watch him say it here: The CPI leader is seen making insensitive remarks about Sunny Leone while addressing a rally in Uttar Pradesh, in this video uploaded by Khabar India. According to CNN-IBN, he has apologised now saying, ”Apologise if sentiments are hurt by my remarks, but such ads are not ethical.” We are speechless!

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