9 Types of Guys You Should Never Marry!

9 Types of Guys You Should Never Marry!

How should your husband-to-be be? Yes, you will have a lengthy list to answer this question, right? It’s quite natural! Almost all girls will have an endless list of qualifications for that special someone. It is not a simple list of eligibility criteria framed overnight. It is a dream list sketched carefully from a tender age about her dream boy with reference to what she sees in her real world and what she fancies. It’s an amalgamation of her desires and fancies. The day she meets a man who lives up to all the standards she has set, that is the day of her life because she finally feels that she has found the love of her life. But do you know? Sometimes, what matters more than “What he should be?” is “What he shouldn’t be?”. So here is a list of guys, whom you should never get hitched with. 1. Mr. Casanova! Yeah! He is popularly known as Playboy! Never ever get committed to a playboy. He is a flirtatious guy. You may think that only he can be the love of your life. But remember, you are not his ‘only’. He always has choices. Choices! not for love but for lust. He will only lust after you. He will never reciprocate your love. Beware!  Don’t let Mr. Playboy ruin your life!

2. Mr. Faultfinder! Yes, Mr. Faultfinder! He is always judgmental. Do anything and he will have something to comment upon. Of course, he will have compliments for you but not without criticisms and will always want you to improve yourself. He will find fault with your ways and will try to mould you in the way he wants you to be. Remember, he will never let you to be the real ‘you’. Don’t give up yourself for Mr.Fault finder!

3.  Mr. Multiple Personality! Yes! Mr. Multiple Personality has more than one personality (It’s not the medical disorder anyway). He is not the same always as he has projected himself to you. He has various other avatars. The way he treats you depends on the circumstances and the people around him. He may treat you one way when he is with his friends and the other way when he is with his parents and he will leave you perplexed. After all, love is the only place you can be yourself. If he is unfit to be his real self with you, why dare to take the risk?  Don’t ever get entangled into his many personalities by committing yourself to him!

4. Mr. Always Right! He is the true representative of the patriarchal society. You can also call him Mr. Male-chauvinist. He will always have the upper hand over you. And remember, he being Mr. Always Right you can never dream of the title Mrs. Always Right, (even) if you marry him. All decisions are his. Even if you discuss, you can’t decide. How much ever you argue you cannot be Mrs. Always Right. You have got no right over anything and you can always remain a loved and pampered wife by serving him. Nothing beyond that! Don’t limit your potential by marrying him!

5. Mr. Dependent! Mr.Dependent has no aspirations or dreams for his own self and life. When he falls in love with you, he would burden you with all his responsibilities. He will happily grant you the decision-making power. It may seem nice that everything goes on as per your wish, but soon it will be a burden for you. You would feel that it would be better to be alone and lead your life by making your own choices than with him. Because, when it comes to a family you need your life partner to discuss and share things with you. Marriage is, after all, the effort and love of two. One cannot lead it single handedly.

6.Mr.Over Ambitious! His pomposity might make you fall for him easily. But remember, he is overambitious. He will always be running after his high flying aspirations. He would hardly spare his time for you. When he has got to make a choice between his mighty ambitions and you, there is more probability for him to opt the former over the latter. While he is obsessed with his  aspirations, you will be bewildered to know what matters to him more.

7. Mr. Over-Possessive! Don’t ever be swayed by an over-possessive guy. Initially, it’s natural for you to love his possessiveness for you. But soon, you will be the prey of his jealousy. The strength of a marriage lies on the couple’s trust for each other. His jealousy and over-possessiveness will make his trust vulnerable. He will guard you as if you are his precious property over which only he has got the ownership rights. He will always seek your undivided attention and he will never let you be sociable.

8. Mr. Egocentric! This guy is more worried and concerned about himself than you. His thoughts, words, actions are all always around his self. He never cares for or values your emotions and thoughts. It doesn’t mean that you don’t have a role in his life. You will be the audience for all his boasts and fears. You will have to be a patient listener to all his stories of self. Apart from that, you will just be a showpiece as his wife. Yes, you just got to be there! For him! Beside him!  Forgetting your own self!

9. Mr. Deceiver! You can also call him a hypocrite, liar or cheater. He is a man who gives a fake appearance of what he is not. His words never find action and his promises always break. He will always build castles in air and the only trick he has to make you trust him is ‘excuses’. Never ever commit yourself to him believing his excuses!

Every guy has his own unique set of follies and foibles. Each girl has a unique mettle to temper a particular kind of guy. When their uniqueness match, that makes a “Made for Each Other” couple or “Rab ne bana di jodi”, because that’s how God does the match-making process. But these nine kinds are better to shun!


About the Author: This article is contributed by Gayathri DeviGayathri has completed her M.Phil. in English Literature from Tamilnadu. Literature instilled in her the thoughts of feminism. And gradually, she was attracted towards this concept and she says it has changed many of her perspectives towards our community & that is how she landed to Respect Women.


Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor

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