6 Things Women do in the name of ‘FEMINISM’!

We always come across people who do absurd things in the name of feminism. Let’s take a look at some of these things that women do!

  1. A campaign for equality caught attention in 2015 called ‘Piss for Equality’. In this campaign, women pissed in their pants and posted a picture of the same on the internet. This was ‘supposedly’ for Gender equality. How does peeing in your pants support gender equality?

    2. Women trying to bring other women down – Let’s be real! Why do we women do that? Can’t we be supportive of Women’s choices, of course not with prejudice but by being wise and fair. Can’t we just stop judging them for their fashion sense or willingness to do what they want?

    3. Believing and propagating the idea that women who lose weight or wear makeup are only to please men. It’s archaic. People need to understand that not everyone is comfortable in their own skin. It is okay to put on makeup to please oneself. It is not okay to say that she is trying to lose weight to please her boyfriend. The woman must be losing weight because she must have realized that being overweight is hazardous to health or whatsoever. It’s not your business!

    4. “We believe that Women who wear hijab are oppressed”- Well, people around the world need to remember that wearing a hijab is a part of their religious customs, and many women do not feel oppressed while wearing one. People outside the Islamic community do not have the right to make judgments for the Islamic women. We as a society need to understand that we are not homogenous and our demands vary from community to community due to our history and culture.

5. Having Double Standards- Expecting your partner or a male to do some work just because you consider yourself too fragile and stereotype men being strong. This is just unacceptable. Treat everyone equally no matter what gender they prescribe to.

6. Male Bashing- There is a reason why people tend to think “All feminist are man-haters”. It is because many times we tend to bash men in order to prove our superiority. Well, that is not the point of feminism. Feminism fights for gender equality and bashing men is not the way to do it.

There is no concrete path laid out to as to how we can fight for gender equality. It is a difficult but not an impossible path. Let’s not make it harder by creating an immense number of haters for ourselves and our cause!


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: This article is written by Manjulika Chellappan, our intern.

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