6 Life Lessons a Daughter Can Learn From Her Father

6 Life Lessons a Daughter Can Learn From Her Father

“Father- A daughter’s first love”

It is no surprise that a father is a role model for a son as well as a daughter. Psychologists have proved that between the age of 6 to 12 years old, daughters get strongly attracted to their fathers, sometimes it over grows and turns into a sexual attraction as well. We commonly refer to that as the Electra-Complex. However, fathers are the first male idol for the daughter. They are the strongest pillars of our family; the ones that are physically and emotionally strong. Fathers are always there for you, whether it is to protect you from the storm, or to teach you a life lesson. They make the back bone of your family, a bone that can never get shattered by force.

Here’s a list of Life Lessons a daughter can learn from her father:

1. Being Bold
The most important thing for a girl is to learn how to express her feelings. A father teaches his daughter how to bring out the lioness within herself. He teaches her how to express as well as control her anger and assertiveness. In a patriarchal society, it is necessary for a girl to be bold and assertive with her statements and decisions. This life lesson helps you for a longer and stronger run.

2. Being Ethical
The world is full of unethical people, so being ethical and honest makes you a unique person. That brings us to the second life lesson a daughter can learn from her father. A father teaches her daughter to be how to be honest and open with accepting her mistakes. It takes up a lot of effort to take responsibility of the wrongs you have done in your life, and that is when the preaching of your father comes for your rescue.

3. Being Truthful

Oscar Wilde once said, “The greatest gift a father can give to his daughter is to truly love her mother”. A daughter can learn how to be devoted and indulged in a relationship by her father. Fathers have a huge responsibility of forming the foundation of an unconditional form of love for his daughter. It is him that she looks up to believe in the meaning of true love. Surveys have proved that a healthy and long lasting relationship between the parents have a great impact on their child’s future relationships.

4. Being Self-Sufficient
My father once told me that a person who isn’t self-sufficient, is a person who has no existence. On a planet where money rules and humans are the slaves, it is a necessity to be independent. One of the most worthy life lesson that a father can impart on his daughter is how to become a self-sufficient lady in a male-dominant society.

5. Being Versatile

All stereotypes have always suggested, fathers are the one who are responsible for the outdoor chores of the house. The fact of it being stereotypical, in most of the cases is true. Fathers are responsible for teaching their daughters how to be versatile in both indoor as well as outdoor chores. From changing the light bulbs to changing the tires of the car, a girl should be fully equipped with such talents.

6. Being Wonder-Woman

‘Do not judge a book by its cover’
In a world where outer appearances and postures reflect the kind of a person you are, it is important to remember the beauty of your inner-self. Fathers being the first male contact for their daughters, it is important that they make her believe in the concept of inner beauty. It is a father’s responsibility to break the myth of having a perfect shape, size and color. It is necessary that a father explains the meaning of being pretty and attractive lies within herself and in her personality.




ABOUT THE AUTHOR: This article is written by Anusha Bhatt, our intern.

Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor