12 Struggles That Every Tall Girl In India Faces!

12 Struggles That Every Tall Girl In India Faces!

Every girl in India is told that being tall makes you pretty, it eases out a lot of troubles, that it makes you look better, feel better and it is necessary so you should be tall and not to forget, “you’ll only get a good guy, if you’re tall”. But in no way is being tall easy.

In fact, here are a few struggles that almost every tall girl in India faces:

  1. Being called and treated as a “khamba”.

Okay, a message to you all, I’m ‘lamba and not a khamba’. I being tall does not give you the power of calling me a khamba, neither does it give you the power of treating me like one. So stop, okay?

  1. Being asked “how are you so tall?”

Oh, weren’t you educated in 10th grade about genetics and heredity? Perhaps, you could try googling that and learn some more knowledge. Message me when you’re done.

  1. Being asked by your old aunties, “Beta, is everyone in your family so tall?”

Yes aunty, being tall is in my genes. My parents are tall and I share the gene. How is that your problem?

  1. Occasionally, doorways were a real threat to your head.

It wouldn’t be a lie to say that many people in our country are short. Thus, the size of most of our doors are modified so that everyone can fit in. And yet, there is always that one tall girl who has the danger of banging her head on the door if she doesn’t see and walk. (Is that a bliss? I doubt it!)

  1. When you’re asked to stand in front of someone because of the sun.

I’m sure every tall girl has had this moment where one of her friend says. “mere saamne khadi ho, dhoop bohot tez hai”. Like seriously dear, don’t I feel the heat?

  1. When you trip and fall, it really is a LONG way down.
  2. “So are you a basketball player or a volleyball? Or, is it swimming? It must be swimming.”

Honestly, being tall does not mean that I’m athletic. Why don’t people ever understand that?

  1. Saying no to high heels.

You know how high heels make you feel more confident about yourself but you also know that you have a lot of short friends who will already be wearing 3-4 inches heels. If you wear 3-4 inches heels more, then you are bound to be out. But you want to blend in, so what do you do? You throw the heels away. Sadly!

  1. When people tell you that you’re tall.

No. Freaking. Way! How did you know that? I couldn’t guess that in a million years of my lifetime!

  1. Getting tired of taking selfies.

But you know that’s what you’re going to end up doing, thanks to your height. After all, you’re the tall one.

  1. Not to forget, your old grandmother’s saying, “where will we find a khamba jitna lamba ladka for her?”

Really grandma, I’m tall and I will find my mate if I have to.

  1. And lastly, knowing that you’ll have a daughter who will grow up cursing you for all the struggles above and maybe, even more!




ABOUT THE AUTHOR: This article is written by Ritika Chhabra, our intern.

Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor