10 Things That Supposedly Makes A Girl A ‘Bitch’

10 Things That Supposedly Makes A Girl A ‘Bitch’

Look what she’s wearing—a mini skirt and she just abused that guy, what a bitch! She likes partying and is outspoken. What the hell? Why does she like all this? Yes, ofcourse! A guy can wear whatever he wants, abuse whenever he likes to, party whenever he wants to, but a girl cannot. Here are 10 things that supposedly make a girl a ‘bitch’, according to our society:

1.Wearing what you like, specifically, short clothes.


2.Abusing because you are not a ‘guy’


3. Ahaan! Did you just say ‘NO’? That’s not allowed.


4.Drinking like a ‘MAN’. Well, that’s a strict NO! NO!


5. Applying make-up


6. Being outspoken & socializing


7.Being assertive & opinionated



8.Making a move before the guy does!


9. Having many guy friends.


10. Being self-centered



Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor