10 Things That Men Do To Make Women Melt And Fall For Them

10 Things That Men Do To Make Women Melt And Fall For Them
A study by Ranker reveals that when it comes to desirability traits in a man; loyalty, honesty and trustworthiness are the highly appreciated ones among women.

But Alas! You cannot perceive these traits with your eyes, but what you can perceive are the actions and gestures of a person and men seems to have clearly understood this by now.

Here are those 10 things or gestures or actions that men do to make women melt on the spot and fall for them:

1. Notice every minute detail:

It’s an established fact that women tend to fall for those men who are quite observant about their girls and notice even the smallest change they have in their appearances or in behaviour. So the next time your girl have a haircut, you better compliment her!

2. Shows a lot of interest in pets:

One in every ten women love their pets more than her partner, a study reveals. Men who are more into pets, especially dogs and cats attract women a lot. It basically demonstrates their commitment to long term relationships and their capability of nurturing their families in future.

3. Gives importance to the family:

Women tend to fall for men who give a considerable amount of time and value to their families. Men like these, are not just loved by women but also are highly respected. This shows their ability to raise a family and have a long term commitment to their partners.

4. Make women laugh:

A guy with a good sense of humour is definitely preferred over the boring one. The more you make her laugh at your jokes, more are the chances of her remembering each of those moments and cherish them ever after.

5. Surprise them quite often:

Women love surprises! They love uncertainties and they definitely love the ones who exhibit these characteristics. They appreciate even the smallest gesture and want you to surprise them every time you plan something different for them.

6. Shows Interest in Children:

If you want to win over your girl’s heart, start having fun with children. This action would give them utmost surety of the fact that you are the perfect one with whom she can have a family. It’s only when they are sure about you, they will spend their lives with you.

7. Build Muscles:

Women find men with muscles intimidating and sexier as compared to those without them. It gives them the sign of you being more physically dominant. Men with moderate muscularity are more likely to be in a long-term relationship and so are highly desirable.

8. Exhibits prosocial behaviour:

Men who demonstrate prosocial behaviour and shows empathy towards the needy and marginalized are perfect melt. Women definitely fall for men who do well for society and do good deeds. They tend to have a stable and long term commitment to their girls.

9. Look older:

The older a wine is, the better it is. This exactly fits here. Men are better with age and are highly desirable among women. Well, it is believed that they are wiser and more stable as compared to young dudes. Also, they don’t argue much and are higher in the understanding quotient.

10. Take Risks:

Women find those who take heroic risk more attractive as compared to those who don’t. They want things to change and to grow better as compared to a simple boring routine for their whole lives.




ABOUT THE AUTHOR: This article is written by Shreya Kohli, our intern.

Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor