10 things that every Indian guy must have.

10 things that every Indian guy must have.

Here is my list of some qualities that I think every Indian guy must own or possess :

1.The ability to resist peeing until he finds a washroom. Please please stop doing it on the road side.

2.The ability to show emotions: Most of the Indian men are brought up in a patriarchal environment. “Mard ko dard nahin hota” (men don’t feel pain) or “Ladke rote nahin”(boys don’t cry). But I will appreciate if he could be more open about his emotions and be more receptive to that of others as well.

3.Chivalry: I have always seen women working day and night for their families and mostly men. So we won’t mind his little courtesies like opening the door, pulling the chair etc.  

4.The ability to protect: He doesn’t need to be a bodyguard but must not be a mute spectator too. There have been too many incidents where men have watched women being assaulted, molested or raped but haven’t intervened due to certain fears like being beaten up or killed.

5.Intelligence : He need not be a genius in mathematics or physics but must have some civic sense. If he doesn’t want to involve himself in solving a fist or protecting a woman he must be quick enough to call the police or call the ambulance when he sees someone hurt lying by the roadside.

6.Open minded: This is the need of the hour. If he can travel in a train wearing shorts or dhoti on the streets; he must let women wear what they want. He must understand just like his wearing shorts isn’t an invitation they are not inviting him to rape them.

7.Humorous: He must have the ability to make laugh.

8.Listening power : No doubt he possesses the quality of a great speaker, dictator and ruler. But we will appreciate it if he could be a good listener too.

9.Organised : Be it organizing his home or organizing his life.

10.The ability to appreciate: I would like him to appreciate the stuffs others do for him a little more. Like tell his mother or wife, how awesome the food is, how beautiful they look etc. Indian men are really bad at complimenting on a daily basis. They are good at it on special occasions though. If he owns these qualities and a proper education, I guess he would be able to own not just 20 but many more things that he desires for. P.S. Apologies for not mentioning the materialistic stuffs.    



About the Author: This article has been contributed by Srishti Raj, our editor. Srishti is a student of Computer Science & Engineering at KIIT University at Bhubaneswar. She is an avid reader and a keen observer who yearns to see a change in the society.

Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor