10 things people think about a feminist

10 things people think about a feminist

Feminism is not a dirty word.It doesn’t mean you hate men, it doesn’t mean you hate girls that have nice legs and a tan. And it doesn’t mean you area b**ch or a dyke. It means that you believe in equality. The society holds a wrong perception about the feminists. Here are 10 things people think about a feminist and most of which isn’t even true-


Feminists are all the same– Most of the time people think that feminists are all the same kind. This is surely not true. There are various kinds of feminists and they have different ideologies. It should never be mistaken that feminism is just one and only type.

2) Feminists hate men– Whenever we hear that someone is a feminist, the first thing, most of the time that comes to mind is, “Ah you do not like men.” Well, this is the most common stereotype about feminists in any society. But this is certainly not true. Feminists are fighting for the equal rights for women as men, socially, economically, politically, and in any other similar field. That really does not mean they are man-haters.

3) Feminists are hairy– People call feminists as hairy because they do not shave off their hair as is thought about some societies. This sounds completely ridiculous to me. People does not always love their hair and even if some on does, what is the problem with that? I would just say not all feminists are hairy and they do shave. It just depends on their personal choice and does a woman who shaves her hair can’t become a feminist


4) Feminists are lesbians– This is the most common myth around the world that prevails about the feminists. Considering a feminist a ‘dyke’ would be illicit for not all feminists are one of them. Feminists are indeed very supportive of all the sexualities but it doesn’t mean all of them are lesbians.

5) Feminists hate dressing up and make up– Do I need to say anything about this? I mean how can people think women standing for women, would hate how women dress up and put make up on. This sounds completely ridiculous to me. Yes, I agree not every feminist would like dress up or put make up on but it’s not that they do not like women dressing up and putting make up on.

6) Feminists are angry women walking on streets for their rights– Most people feel feminists are aggressive women who walk on the road shouting and demanding for women’s rights. Yes, feminists do demand for women’s rights but not necessarily going on the roads and shouting out loud. Anyone who is fighting for women’s rights are by not coming out can be called feminists. Feminists are like normal people who do not walk around with angry faces all the time.

7) Feminists want to replace men in order to hold all the power– For many people, feminism holds a negative connotation. People believe that feminists are just crazy women who want to rule over the world. This is indeed not true. Feminism is defined as a doctrine which believes in giving social, political, economical and all other rights to women equal to those of men. It certainly does not want to rule the world on its own by replacing men. Feminists want equal opportunities for men and women. Feminists want equality among all the sexes and do not want anyone ruling anyone in any form.

8) Feminists hate sex or intercourse– Why would anyone hate sex? I feel it is something like the basic need of a human being and it is very natural. Feminists hate is people calling women who have sex casually as bitches or whore and using feminine body just as the object of sex. Anyway, the sexual preferences of a feminist must not become a subject matter to judge them.

9) Feminists do not support women who are house wives– Feminism never said women cannot choose what they want to do. Rather, it tells them to choose what they want to do on their own. It is all about freedom of choice. Feminists not only respect women who are house wives but they even support all the women be it a house wife or a professional woman.

10) Feminists are whiny- This is also a burning myth about feminists that they complain too much. It is not surprising that people call feminists as whiny and we know it why. But certainly feminists are not whiny. And even if you see a feminist complaining that’s because she is fighting for rights.

About the author: This short story has been contributed by our intern, Nivedita Negi. She is a student of B. Sc at the Asian University for Women,Bangladesh. She accidentally turned into a writer after coming to Asian University. She believes in the power of a woman and feels that a woman can change many things in this world. She uses writing as a form of changing people and their thoughts.

Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor

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