10 things girls want from their guy in a relationship

10 things girls want from their guy in a relationship

Like every guy, even a girl has some hope, desires, expectations and demands in a relationship. She not only wants to be loved but wants her partner’s support too. So, here is a little guidance to make your bonding with your partner stronger and have an adorable relationship forever.  I hope you follow, just scroll it down to check out:

  • To be loved – Love and affection is what every relationship demands. The best recipe for a good relation is love and passion. So love her like anything and your bond with her will be amazing forever.
  • Be chivalrous – The guy should be well mannered. Be gracious and polite to his women, infact to everyone. Your kindness would speak for you.
  • Give her freedom – To have is an independent life what a girl always desires. She doesn’t want her guy to stop her from doing anything.  Whether she wants to work, she wants to go out with her friends or she want to party. She can decide for her, just like you!
  • Remember birthdays and anniversary – And do you know why am I mentioning this? See, i am not generalizing but it’s normally guys who forget birthdays and anniversaries. I know, I know, not all of them are the same, but…you know what I mean!
  • Give surprises – Not that only girls like surprise, even guys do! But little efforts from a guy can cheer up the girl so much like if a guy cooks food for her girl, a husband helps his wife in the household chores and so much more.
  • Never put objection on her clothes – You might excuse this by saying – “This is a male-dominated world and if girls wear short clothes, they will have to face the consequences…blah…blah…blah!” But you know what, its we who make this world a male-dominated world and only we can bring change by changing our mindsets.
  •  Don’t ever question on her dressing sense – A girl always wants to wear beautiful and comfortable clothes. So, let her wear whatever she wants to. If she desires to wear sari or short skirts, it’s her choice, not yours.
  • Don’t break her trust – Never ever break her trust. Having extra-marital affairs, dating more than 1 girl at a time, lying, cheating is the worst thing in relationship. Never betray your girl because one thing she expects foremost from you is trust. Your one lie can put her in depression forever. Trust me once you ditch, you can’t gain her trust again in life. And the same goes for girls as well!
  • Behave sensitively – Sometimes your partner may have some issues going in her life. That time she may need your support, like you would need her’s when you have problems in life. Her problem may not sound serious to you but still listen to her problem and help to sort it out. You can even comfort her by hugging or kissing her if she needs.
  • Spend time with her –  Find out sometime from your busy schedule and spend few moments with her. Take her on holidays or date and spend some quality time with her.  Those few moments will be special and memorable for her and you too.    
  • Never gaze at her with suspicious look unnecessarily – One thing that would destroy the relationship is having unnecessary doubts. Keeping an eye on her, checking her phone, asking worthless question every time where she goes out might create distance in your relationship. It’s annoying to answers all such stupid questions. Have some faith on her and give  her some  space.

To let your relationship go on smoothly, make efforts to follow these few steps. I am sure this way your relation with your partner will not only go longer but will also last forever.  Your few steps will make her feel that she is forever precious to you!        


About the Author: The article has been contributed by our intern, Anjali Kumari. Also read:  “Live the way you want”
Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor

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