10 Prejudiced reasons why Indian Parents don’t want a Daughter!

10 Prejudiced reasons why Indian Parents don’t want a Daughter!

1. We can be carefree All those who think, they can be carefree, are prejudiced! Even if you have a son, you can’t be carefree. As per the status quo, you have got an equally herculean task in hand. You have got the most important duty of teaching your son to respect women. Gradually vanishing are the days when female victims remained silent to the male violence.  So you ought to teach your son what is right. You always got to know of what your son is doing and where he goes with whom.

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2. We needn’t cater for fanciful needs   You think a handful of outfits will satisfy a son unlike a daughter who needs many fanciful things! But, do you know? It is really a blissful feeling to gift your little angel with the cute fancies she asks for! Any parent of a daughter would agree with this? But what matters more to her is what you teach her. Put the right values into her head, strengthen her with the basic self-defensive techniques and enrich her with adequate education. With this she will find the ideal ways to fulfill her dreams making her own efforts. She is more capable of it.

3. We needn’t send-off our child, when married Partings are always painful. Today lives have changed. Be it a son or daughter, they go out to explore their own lives. They evolve into independent beings. Having a son doesn’t assure you that he’ll always be next to you. Same is the case with a daughter. Teach them the life skills. Let them to live their lives!

4. Only a son can enhance the genealogical tree It’s a misconception. Think a little! A daughter would bear the same genes just as a son would.  It’s just that social practices have brought in concepts of change of surname. Whatever surname she takes, she is still your child. And her child will be your grand-child as well.

5. Our kith and kin will smirk at us It just shows their ignorance. And it has nothing to do with you or your kid. Cherish your daughter in such a way that these people will realize their misconception. That will be the best way to enlighten those ignorant minds.

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6. A son can light our funeral pyre Are you really bothered more about your funeral rites than your daughter’s right to be born?

7. We needn’t pay dowry Dowry system is prohibited in India. But, yes, it is still in practice. As long as you give, they will get. Society has to bring in a revolutionary change. And the society includes you as well. Dowry is a social stigma- whether you get or give. Be awakened about this and awaken others. Let us put an end to the system rather than to a girl child!

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8. A son can provide us security in our senility A daughter can provide you something more than security. She will care for you. She will not only redress your physical illness but also lend ears for your psychological fears in your senile years.

9. I don’t want my child to undergo what I went through as a woman (Mother) It sounds so reasonable. Indeed, it is difficult to be a girl in this world. So what can be done? Shall we put the entire women race to an end so that they needn’t suffer? Or should we make the society a better place for them to survive? Think!

10. I want to save my child from the pain of labour (Mother) Indeed, it is excruciating! But someday you will seek a daughter-in-law to get your grand-children. Is it okay to give that pain to that girl? Come on, it is just a natural process. Didn’t you enjoy your motherhood? You did! Let her enjoy hers!

Every child is a God’s gift, Be it a boy or a girl! You have got every right to wish for any and many! When God’s decision is made final, The child has got the right to be loved by you! So don’t let down a girl for your prejudices!

  Ask the ones who have daughters. They would say how blessed and blissful they feel. And those who have daughters let the world know that you are proud of and happy with your daughters. That will help the ignorant minds to learn something that they ought to. Feel proud of your daughter, so that she will someday feel proud to call you “MOM” and “DAD”.       ————-

About the Author: This article is contributed by Gayathri DeviGayathri has completed her M.Phil. in English Literature from Tamilnadu. Literature instilled her in the thoughts of feminism. And gradually, she was attracted towards this concept and she says it has changed many of her perspectives towards our community & that is how she landed to Respect Women.

Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor

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