What we call a “Woman”

women are strong

Her smile, lights up the night, Her voice, brightens up the day, She’s the muse of nature, making them sway.

Her hair falling like feathery curls, In which the toil of the day twirls, Her eyes emitting a vivacious glare Concealing the vigor of a black bear; Filled with boundless care!

She’s not a girl, but an aura; With a compassionate flare. Heartbreaks didn’t shatter her, Failure didn’t crush her Instead like a phoenix, The ashes gave her a rebirth.

Now she’s turned into a lady; Lovelier than before Stronger than ever; A woman ready to transcend, Putting the boundaries to an end. She’s no one But what we call a “woman”.


About the Author: This article is contributed by Vaishali Soni, our Intern. Vaishali is pursuing English Hons. from Delhi University and she loves to sketch, dance and listen to music. She believes that if our ideas are radical enough to bring a change then we should make an attempt to spread them.

Respect Women

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