What exactly is wrong with portrayal of women?

This is something we have been watching and experiencing since ages, some of us may be surely laughing at this too! I was amazed, moreover hilariously amazed while randomly changing channels of television to arrive at something really interesting to watch. And, it left a deep question mark in my mind that what actually is our entertainment industry up to? tv-serials-cover Women are pride of every home. More than 60% of housewives are interested in watching TV serials. Sadly, most of the TV serials which stay popular are evolving around nothing more than some lady villain(s) forcing a fragile lady to do something which would cost her dignity. Picturization of ‘shadyantra’ or ‘mayajaal’ or any other similar kind of word used to refer an act which is planned to grievously hurt someone emotionally and physically are common. Along with, the elements of love what we see is added masala. Well, that’s what daily soaps are about. In short, it is about two women fighting with each other for preserving their glory and dignity. It portrays that fighting over ridiculous point is the sole job of women. The society starts thinking about women in this negative manner believing these serials to be the mirror of a women’s behavior. A wrong trend has been set by the producers. I believe that’s what spreads negativity. Everything in these daily soaps is hyped. Don’t you agree? So, which stays the most popular character in a serial? One, the villain. The more the villain hurts everyone in the serial, the more popular she (sometimes, he) is. Second, the first sufferer. The innocent character who faces everything. She is dependent on her good behavior or someone else for her rescue. Do we need roles? Do we need such entertainment? Well, I believe that art should be appreciated. But is it the right way? Is that all left for creating stories? Make plans to ditch or kill each other? “Teach solutions, not a new way to create misery” is my humble request. Why don’t we have films/daily soaps of historical importance on great feminist characters like Gargi Vachaknavi, Devi Ahilya Bai Holkar etc or even the modern feminist icons? Another problem arising along with this is objectification of women. Our TV serial industry has been feeding stupid stuffs since ages and it has to stop.     ———— ABOUT THE AUTHOR: This article is written by Dakshita Garhwal, our intern.



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