‘Mother = Food’. Is that the equation?

Are you looking for any attractive words out here? Well, look up and you will find it. Yes “MOTHER” is the word. Needless to say under mothers’ feet lies the Heaven. But how often have you thought about bringing a smile on our mothers’ face? ‘Mother = Food’ is that the equation? mother and son Once I was reflecting on my past years, and I couldn’t understand the role of a mother. I in my very young age used to mull over that what a great job a mother has! Only chiding the kids and making the food, that’s all. I never knew that I would be writing this as a tribute to all the mothers. Amazing is the fact that our mothers are a woman with super powers who manages multi-tasking and every child is dependent upon her. Busy as we say is today’s world in its worldliness but she is still busy serving selflessly. Frankly speaking, the young generation these days love to remain secluded and do not allow moms to come in their way, sneaking-peaking and correcting their styles. Whenever things do not follow as per their wishes, they yell at their mom reducing her stature, no less than a servant. But if anything good happens to them the first action is tweeting or setting it as their Facebook status and updating it to other social media channels. But looking back to their mother, a child rejoices irrespective of that yelling but the fact remains the same- most of us take our mothers for granted. It’s time to strengthen our bonds with our mothers. –   The very first way is to be kind and minding our words and voices. –   Helping her out in her daily chores, no matter you are a son or daughter. –   Discussing with her what she wishes and also the problems she faces. –   Knowing her hobbies, her experiences. –   Spending vacations with her and going out. –   Cooking with her (at times making something for her). While I was writing this article, my roommate’s mother was on my mind, although I haven’t met her but it feels that I am strongly connected to her. She is a cancer survivor and a brave-heart for us. Once my roommate said to her to avoid doing daily chores but her reply was–if I will sit back then what will happen to my bones? She chooses to do all the work by herself. She inspires me so much and also, I should mention about my mother who always reminds me of the example of lotus as the lotus only grows in the slush that’s how a mother’s life, irrespective of various hurdles, blooms in the form of children. mom and daughter It is truly said – “A Mother is she who can take the place of all others, but whose place no one else can take.”   So are we waiting for any “Mother’s Day” to come? Let’s just celebrate the presence of mothers and build a new equation.    


About the Author: This article is contributed by Vrinda Chauhan, our intern.

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