Misogyny 101 & The Mansplanation To All Your Feminine Dubiety

In this world of dynamics, what has been consistent is the male’s proficiency over all feminine concerns. This apparent guiding force offered by men has been prevalent since the time when women when were regarded as inherently better homemakers until today when women are still regarded as better homemakers but seldom also as fine bread earners. The stigma of being a better homemaker has never been eliminated, but has only been supplemented with a choice of being or not being a bread earner. 

The word ‘may’ hold utmost significance here- “A man works for a living. A woman may work for a living’. The Preamble of “THE MANSCRIPT” lays down that the sensitivity of male ego has resulted in the males taking up the responsibility of each and every aspect of human existence no matter how miserably they end up performing those responsibilities. With no regards given to the in-general tendency of males being forgetful about dates, their boasting self-esteem leads them to take the responsibility of paying all household bills as their only contribution to household chores, however the bills may remain due until the female counterpart reminds them to do so.

Haven’t we already been encountered with TV commercials wherein the mother feeds her child a big healthy bowl of cereal to her school-going child as well as her husband while running million-other errands? Or the commercials depicting woman being delighted about some fancy kitchen ingredients? THE MANSCRIPT dictates that woman are entitled to the happiness and joy of their belongingness to the kitchen or the house per say whereas man is entitled to other leisurely forms of happiness and joy.

According to THE MANSCRIPT, every meme on social media which makes a mockery out of women PMSing entitles men to crib about menstrual cycles and blame mother flow for each of their oversights. However, it is not mandatory that a woman must be expecting or facing her menses in order to be blamed for reacting out of PMS.

THE MANSCRIPT also gives some perks and incentives to men as brownie points for their misogyny in the form of a general defence called- ‘Not All Men’ aka #NotAllMen . This shall be regarded as a savings clause which will save the man from every fallacy committed by any other person of his creed so that women are left with no other choice but to give her time to the claiming man who may end up awfully creeping the woman out.

Disclaimer: These are merely excerpts from THE MANSCRIPT. The full reading shall disclose various entitlements to the men, the basic requirement being misogynist men. 





ABOUT THE AUTHOR: This article is written by Ragini Juneja, our intern. Ragini is a student of law in Amity Law School, Delhi (Affiliated to IP University). She lays immense emphasis on awareness of one’s own rights and entitlements as a precondition for confidence, self-esteem and dignity. Her words strive to help women in unclasping their latent strengths which have been suppressed by male chauvinism.

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