Men Need Feminism as much as Women do!

Feminism today, is being misunderstood. Yes, it clearly is!

Men believe that by standing up for women’s rights and bringing their battles up on the front, we are trying to bring them down. They do not understand feminists are not fighting against masculinity, they are fighting for equality.

In the process of projecting the character of men as strong and dependable, we never realized when being weak became synonymous with being feminine. The statement “Men are strong” does not, in any way, indicate that women are weak. But our society, sadly, does not comprehend this simple statement for its face value.

The patriarchy that has become so prevalent in this world of ours, teaches us that men have to be stoic beasts incapable of emotions; that they are all lust filled monsters incapable of controlling their own libidos. It is an unfair world that believes that women are too weak and inferior to be dangerous. Feminists did not do this to men. The society did. Man was portrayed as so strong and superior that no one believed that he too, could be a victim.

Men are belittled and portrayed as “less of a man” anytime they show emotion or weakness. I would like to mention that psychologically, people who turn to alcohol and drugs instead of asking another person to help them when faced with a problem, are emotionally unstable and more likely to commit suicides. The fact that there are more number of men who are alcoholics or drug addicts proves that they suppress their emotions. Every time a man gets chocked up with emotions or sheds a tear, he’s told not to behave like a girl. He’s reprimanded and chastised, “Be a man and get yourself together”
The society failed to realize that men too, like women are human beings. They are have as much reason to be vulnerable in this world as women do. They are not always the criminals. Men are just as prone to being victims as women are. Feminists understand this. But our patriarchal society does not. Feminists fight against this stereotype that has developed.

The feminist movement never said that women are better than men. Feminism is about raising up things in our society associated with females to have an equal place with things associated with males. It’s called feminism and not equalism because equalism would suggest bringing men down to a lower level so that women can meet them in the middle. And that is not the point. The point is to raise up the feminism so that it’s on the same playing field as masculinity is already on.

Dear men, Feminism is not only going to help women get the same rights as you. It is also going to put you off the pedestal that this patriarchal society as put you on. We don’t need you to lower yourselves, we just need you to make room for us.




ABOUT THE AUTHOR: This article is written by Pranati Yellapantula, our intern.

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