A US Comedian Shames A Woman Who Politely Turned Him Down With Dreadful Sexist Remarks

Mike Faverman is a comedian, but that is not why he is popular on the internet right now. He is popular  because he fat shamed, and was a sexist to a woman who very politely turned him down. sexist remarks The LA based comedian asked an anonymous woman out and she was not interested in going on a date with him. This is what she had to say to him, along with his very misogynistic response to her: Mike Faverman: When am I taking you to dinner? Anonymous Woman: I’m sorry if [I] gave you the impression that I wanted to date you by becoming your FB friend… That wasn’t my intention. MF: It wasn’t I just wanted to see if you would like to have dinner. You have to remember I met you. So I know you’re not out of my league in the least, please stop acting as if I wouldn’t have a chance. Although I do have a thing for big woman [sic]. I hope me asking you to dinner doesn’t give you any impression that you are more attractive than you think you are. You just seem like an easy target with potential low self esteem. I also know fat chicks give good blow jobs and are easy to push to the curb when you’re done with them. A plump chick with high self esteem is like a unicorn out here. It’s kinda refreshing and sad at the same time. You must be very lonely and you must cry often. It explains why you are cushy and bitter. When a nice guy asks you out sometime, try to be polite and cordial, being an angry cunt is not the way to go through life. You should be happy people are asking you out at all still, seeing in 5 years with that dumpy ass no one will give a shit. Best of luck, hope I didn’t give you the wrong impression that you were hot just because I asked you to dinner, PIG. Classy guy, right? There’s more. This conversation was posted on Twitter in forms of Facebook messenger screenshots as that is where Faverman had asked this woman out. (They were not posted by the woman, but two other Twitter users.) After the internet saw them, it reacted angrily, leading Faverman to apologise:  

Here are a few excerpts from the Facebook conversation where Faverman desperately tried to explain himself: 1. screenshot1 2. screenshot2 3. screenshot3

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