Things Only Women Can Do!!

Things Only Women Can Do!!

1. Multitasking- No prizes for guessing this is one attribute which is typical of women. Definitely men are famous for having side business but household is always excluded from their field of work or concern. Women today have homes to maintain (Even having maids asks for supervision) , they earn money, join classes and are active in social life. Such high level of multitasking can be expected from women only. Men start going berserk even when small problems in their work arises so employing their creativity beyond work , cars or mechanics can have dangerous side effects.

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2. Adjustment- Women are women because they have an automatic switch on mode when it comes to molding oneself according to the ambiance. Whether it is about work environment, new culture , new people or new place there adaptability is very high tiffs or problems do arise out of misunderstandings or scaled up expectations but it does not bar them from persisting in their efforts to assimilate themselves into new changes. However if we talk about men in these cases then it is a well proven fact that they work best within their comfort one any change detected by them makes them withdraw and take a you turn.

3. Benevolence- There is no denying the fact that men are caught doing acts of kindness but that is generally as father, brothers or adventure lovers ( giving shelter to rats, investing in obsolete cars etc ) but women’s generosity extends much beyond their assigned roles. Anything tragic , unjust or cruel extracts emotional responses from them much faster than anyone else. They have the gift of empathy which makes them connect with a victim or sufferer sooner.

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4. Homemakers- When it comes to being supermoms, getting good food served on the table , keep the track of anti social activities of their children and maintaining a discipline in the home, who does it all . Yes , women. Men can be a great imposing personality or dominating figure of the household but to keep the house together a woman is required.

5. Observing Little things- Women are beyond doubt keen observers when it comes to observing little things and remembering them only women can do it. They take notice of little details and even take care of them . This kind of trait has always added to their social skills. Even a pedicure done nail cannot escape a women’s eyes. They are extremely aware and observant of changes hardly any missing or added detail escapes their eyes. 6. Mysteriously Beautiful- Now common ladies let us agree on this fact that men cannot make a fashion statement or look astonishingly handsome on regular basis without a conspicuous show . Somehow the efforts become too much for them and we rarely witness a combination of a well dressed , handsome man who smells decent. On the other hand women are effortless and regular in these things . Coming across as an intriguing beauty or mysterious one in the sense that engaging attention of people for a long amount of time without giving anyone enough is simpler and easier for them.

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About the Author: This article is contributed by Anubha Gautam, our Intern.

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