The Gifts Factory collaboration with Respect Women

The Gifts Factory collaboration with Respect Women

The Gifts Factory is Contributing To A Social Cause: Respect Women Via The Respect Women Accessories

1. The Gifts Factory has undoubtedly carved out a niche for itself in the online gifting market in India, more so because of it’s ability to cater to the dynamic needs and tastes of the customer. For those looking for personalised mugs, lamps ,cards and many such wonderful gifts at affordable prices delivered at your doorstep TGF is a one stop shop.

2. However the minds behind the Gifts Factory apart from being fun & creative are also trying their bit to contribute to a very serious social issue – Women empowerment. The Gifts Factory is associated with Respect Women which looks forward to create awareness and spread ‘Equal Rights’ as the message among all. Respect Women started functioning in 2011 and grew with the support of its friends and fans who are dedicated to spread Women Rights as Human Rights via word of mouth and social media. It focuses on “Voice of Women across the World” and also supports LGBT Rights.

3. TGF collaborates with Respect Women to contribute to the cause and spread the message of how important is Women Empowerment and how you can make yourself or your girl feel empowered. Buying Women Empowerment accessories like Feminist Mugs, Tee-Shirts and more will help spread the message around the world. The issue of Women Empowerment is at the forefront more than ever before. Women of all age, young girls and older women, all face so many challenges in their daily routine & harassment in various forms & at different levels exists in various parts of the world. But this is where RESPECT WOMEN & TGF stand up for women & let them know out loud that they are not alone in their struggle.

 4. RESPECT WOMEN wants women to realise & understand that nobody else is going to come & save the day for them. They are no more damsels in distress, but instead they are & they themselves should be the fore bringers of change. Many a times women who have been oppressed or wronged by someone, be it eve teasing, dowry, molestation, assault or various such issues, are afraid to speak up scared of the shame it might bring to them. RESPECT WOMEN wants women to know the greatest shame is in being quiet & letting go of the oppressor , because if you don’t stand up for yourself why should anyone else stand up for you. RESPECT WOMEN We seek to make a major change in the mindsets of our society, targeting the youth majorly, as they are the future.

5. TGF has a unique way of contributing to this noble cause with it’s line of RESPECT WOMEN accessories. Feminist tees & mugs, girl power mugs, iPhone covers etc are a creative way to spread the message of women empowerment around. Also there is the Knockout Pepper Spray available at a reasonable price, which more than security provides women with an unbeatable confidence of going wherever they want to, being just themselves.

Equality is a birth right & TGF in association with RESPECT WOMEN awaits the day when gender would not be the basis of discrimination or oppression of any kind !


Written by: Navrati Kapoor, from IIT Kanpur

Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor

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