Sexism is no laughing matter!

Sexism is no laughing matter!


And I Laugh Along

The older man with the aging ego winks at me and I laugh along with him.

And though my smile does fool him, I am more than the sweet symbol of remembered youth and pleasure he envisions.

For within me and my youthful frame clangs Eve’s hymn of experience.

Within me, I hear the sounds of widows’ hearts breaking.

Within me, I hear a chorus of countless mothers’ sighs that drowns out all of the intense borning cries.

Within me, I hear what I am yet to know.

And I softly smile, already realizing that being a woman in this life often means being misunderstood.

Written by- Ruth Dobson-Torres
SOURCE: My She Cave
Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor

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