RapeX: The South African Anti-Rape Condom

“If only I had teeth down there”, – a statement by one of the rape victims is what that inspired Ms. Sonette Ehlers develop an anti-rape device called Rapex, which was later named Rape-aXe.

Ms. Sonette, was working as a blood technician where she happened to meet a number of rape victims, which insisted the importance of the invention of such a device.


To be honest, this Rapex, is one of the most horrible anti rape device so far, a woman and a man’s worst nightmare, which has no mercy or any form of consideration. This is a device which resembles a female condom, except that this has barbs which are inward facing. The latex sheath, smooth outward, such that the female who wears it does not have anything to bother about, for it does not hurt them, but on the other hand, the razors which are present in it on the other side, acts as a defense mechanism for anyone who becomes prone to rape.

If a guy tries to rape a female who is using this Rapex, his penis would get stuck in the barbs and it cannot be removed manually, but only through surgery. This will give time for the victim to escape. Also, the guy has to face humiliation, when he goes for the surgery, for the message would reach everyone, and word of mouth has no need there.

This very effective anti-rape device is very useful, and also very much threatening. Its implementation is not very practical, because this is considered to be a dangerous good on the market by EU. So, this device has never been into the market. But, this device actually prevents the transmission of any sexually transmitted diseases including HIV, and also prevents pregnancy.

But, this anti-rape device could be of no use, if the lady is prone to gang sex, for only one person will be affected by this device, and it could even aggravate the anger of the others, which might put her into bigger trouble. On the other hand, if this device is made available to all the commoners, and if all the men are made aware of this device, they would think twice before they attempt rape, for everyone would be scared to start even if it is a gang rape. By this way, this device is one of the good safety devices.      



About the author: This article is written by our intern, Sherly Hephzibah.     

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