Prostitutes are Human Beings too!

They may break the so called laws of society, they may be vulgar according to you, they may even break families (we know that’s perception), but, they’re human beings and there is no doubt about it! “Prostitutes” or “sex-workers” as they must be called are hard workers too. Just like you and me, who travel to work every morning, get stressed and return home safely, it’s the same with them as well. The only difference is that their family income is based on sexual pleasure and selling their bodies, whereas ours is a little different. But does that mean you treat them like stray dogs? In places like Gambia, Nevada, Latvia, Bangladesh, Argentina, Armenia and Austria, prostitution is legalized. It is even not illegal in India, what’s illegal is pimping! sex workers in India India is a country where marriage needs to be the only cause for sex. It is a curse to have pre-marital sex according to the Indian Society. However, things are changing for the better now. In this pathetically patriarchal society, the man can be however worse the monster that he is, but the woman must always be a virgin when it comes to marriage. But prostitution here is like the kingdom of the devil. The only thing I don’t understand, is why? Why do we act like we are perfectly sinless in our perfectly built lives? I WOULD LIKE TO RAISE A QUESTION TO EVERYBODY WHO IS READING THIS: Are you at fault if you are forced into prostitution? I mean, think about it! I know, I know, there are some women who get into prostitution because it is an easy way out, but what about the rest? You just can’t put them in a category where they sell their bodies by choice! And what about the children of those sex-workers, the little girls are forced to be sex-workers themselves and the boys grow up to be pimps. This is only because we won’t give them a chance to step out of their hell-hole. But, my only problem is with the way they are treated. Only very few individuals willingly become sex-workers, but not everybody.  There are a million married men who have sex in different brothels for nights by paying huge money, but it also comes down to how the sex-workers are treated by their clients. So many girls are beaten up, cut with blades, have their hands burned with cigarettes, all by the clients that they are forced to face. It’s ridiculous to see so many men mistreat little girls in brothels like that! I mean, just because you are paying them for having sex, it doesn’t mean you will treat them the harsh way! You are paying for sex, have it & just shoo away! You heard it right! Just Shoo away! sex workers But, let’s get down to the basic question. Why pay for sex in the first place? Sleep with your wife if you’re married. Why do you want to go to a brothel? But even if you do, treat those women right. They’re all doing it for a living. Similarly, start empathizing with these sex-workers because they crave to be loved by someone for who they are in this pathetic society. So, put yourself in her shoes, think about what would happen if you were forced into prostitution, god forbid though; how will you want to be treated by others then? So, next time you see a “prostitute”, empathize her with a smile!        


About the Author: This article is contributed by Sonia David, our Intern. Sonia is a funky and sweet girl who is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Arts in Communicative English from Jyoti Nivas College, Autonomous in Bangalore. She loves writing, sketching and reading. She believes that women deserve much more and together, women can turn the world right side up!

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