Kareena Kapoor SPEAKS up on SEX DETERMINATION controversy!

Kareena Kapoor at the launch of Global Citizen India campaign which would have internationally acclaimed band Cold Play performing in Mumbai on November 19 for the Global Citizens festival. She speaks her mind out at how people keep asking her intrusive questions ever since she announced her pregnancy, Kareena said, “Wherever I go these days there is this one question asked which is I think quite intrusive – Is it a boy or a girl. Have you found out? I am like. Excuse me! What difference does it make. I am a girl child. I would love to have a girl. I have done probably more for my parents than a son would. My answer is very rude. This is downright intrusive.” For Kareena, she says, “It’s very disappointing to hear people asking such archaic questions. We are still in a nation where you are asked, if you are getting married, are you still going to work? If you are having a child, are you still going to work? These questions upset me.” Watch this video & you will love her for every word she said!


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