Being A Woman Has Its Perks

We, women, may cry and even fight saying that we have been devoid of various rights and privileges but we do enjoy some perks that no man can even ask for. Well for starters, we are treated like princesses – by our parents and relatives, we are pampered, and there is always someone to look out for us, to make sure we are comfortable. After all, we are physically weaker; we do need our knights in shining armor. woman And then all those dresses and accessories ensure that we can easily maintain the princess status. Yes, men you may style your hair or get those tattoos and piercings but a girl can change from ethnic to chic to classy to sexy with a minor modification in clothes and hairstyles. So boys, no matter how much you try, it’s only the girls that are having fun. Plus there are all those privileges the society has bestowed upon us like giving us first and foremost status while the country is under attack or those special quotas of seats in buses and trains as well as various government organizations and school. Yeah, smart strategy to ensure that we don’t demand “unnecessary rights.” Also, we have those period pains and PMS to thank to for all those stupid and irritating things we do. Yes, mood swings are exasperating, but honestly, they are not always the inspiration behind our actions and words. So, in essence, even the bad stuff has done us some good. Oh, how can I forget about the entire leniency we enjoy at the hands of society? Yes, they do have some stupid rules and regulations regarding what to wear, where to go but there are also those times when we are thankful to be born with X-chromosomes. Need, I tell you about the number of traffic laws we have broken and gotten away with or about the times we scored extra marks because the teachers were so happy with are assignments and presentations? Yes I know, in the wrong run we may want to give up all these privileges for some of the most fundamental rights and to be treated just as another human being but until then no one can stop us from enjoying them. The truth is the society is sexist, and no matter how much we may try to change it; there are certain things that the society has instilled into our minds. These things can’t change until and unless we start educating children when their brains are raw and thoughts nil. So, girls enjoy until it lasts and never let the fact that you are a girl stop you from having what you want. Make it a weapon to fight rather than a chain to hold you by.     ———— ABOUT THE AUTHOR: This article is written by Pragya Dhir, our intern.

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