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When it comes to harassment, eve-teasing or any other evil activity, Ladies, you are not alone! You have the whole world which accompanies you! A bunch of men for your support, all classes of women who standby and realize what you go through and God who wants you to bring change for your own self and for the generations to come!

Too many stories in the world are spoken ( sometimes even exaggerated) by the oppressor, because the oppressed chooses to be quiet, fearing to be shamed by the society, and so the oppressor zips his/her mouth to live a peaceful life ahead.

This thought of victim being suppressed is something we just can’t digest.

And so we are always proactive with the thought of bringing Women in power. With this thought in our mind, we started a publication for empowering women (the oppressed). We seek to make a major change in the mindsets of our society, targeting the youth majorly, as they are the future.

Here at our website www.respectwomen.co.in, we share the news related to the issue of women being victimized, their real life stories, opinions of the youth and more. People reading this are free to share their piece of mind, and their experiences with us. We love hearing from our audience and love sharing it with the world! So, any incident that happened with you in which you were the victim or someone you know was…you can share it with us and may be other women or even men reading it can learn something from you, or give you a solution.

We at Respect Women are a group of enthusiast who really want to bring change online and offline.
If you like our efforts and want to contribute, you can share important information with us, which you think is relevant for Respect Women and help us contribute in making the world a safer place for women.

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