18 People You Should Meet This Women’s Day

Here is to those strong women who shrieks at night yet smiles the very next morning, to the women who doesn’t know the meaning of care yet she defines it, to the lady who walks with a grace even in 6 inch heels, to the women who is an epitome of beauty, power and love. So, finally here is to the women who is actually “You”. On this Women’s Day lets raise a toast to you. Cheers!!

Respect Women wishes all its readers a very Happy International Women’s Day. Your tears won’t go wasted, your triumph will be remembered and your dignity will be respected. We, at Respect Women mark this day as a celebration of womanhood. Our campaign #WomensDay gathers all the wishes of those 20 people who wanted to make you (the woman of their life) feel special on this remarkable day. Come, be a part of this celebration. Pat yourself, kiss yourself, embrace yourself, love yourself and pamper yourself. You are just more than a woman, you are an angel.
Meet these incredible people & know their plans of how they want to make the woman of their life feel special, this Women’s Day –


1. “God really save women from getting extinct & men from turning gay”, Shashank Arya.



2. Tarun Bhardwaj, Founder – Fuccha.in, plans a cute surprise for his mum.
Women's day campaign- Respect women
3. Our Social media intern, Meetali Ohri has planned a surprise for her mum.
Women's day
4. Hold on! There is still a lot of excitement left. See how Vanshika Bakshi – Editor of Respect Women has to say about ‪#‎WomensDay‬.


Women's day- respect women


5. Gayathri Devi – Our Teammate & Editor wants to exhibit her special art, this Women’s Day.
women's day
6. Now this is incredible! Punita Dialani – Social Media Manager of FabFurnish.com says, “She is the woman of her life”. Hehe :p
women's day
7. Two wishes, this is something new – Nupur – Senior Content Writer, FabFurnish.com


women's day
8. Epic! Aman’s momma is really going to be surprised, this #‎WomensDay‬. What say?


Women's day campaign


9. Cyrus John is going to sing a song – Assistant Producer at NDTV 24 * 7.


Women's day - RW


10. Now that’s like our boy – Kabeer Bhatia – Manager – Subscription Sales – Zomato


women's day
11. Real brother is right here – Kamalpreet Singh – Assistant Manager – Operations – Dainik Jagran – MMI Online Ltd.


respect women- women's day
12. Kartik Walia – Product Manager at Dainik Jagran – MMI Online Ltd. doesn’t believe in these fancy days!


women's day campaign
13. Ritu Kapur – You are really sweet 🙂


women's day- respect women
14. Before the picture steals your heart, read what Tushar Chopra – Manager from Juvalia & You has to tell you!


women's day
15. Momma, Momma, I have booked you a Spa. We will go together & celebrate this lovely day together – Vidisha – Student.
women's day campaign
16. All the lovely ladies, here’s Reema wishing you Happy Women’s Day.
women's day
17. True bestie – Balvinder Singh – Photographer & Owner – We Images.


women's day


18. Very thoughtful – Kudrat Agrawal – Ex- Social Media Intern at Respect Women.
women's day
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