Watch This Asshole Harassing A Girl On Facebook. And What Happened With Him Next Is Worth An Applause

A random guy sent creepy messages to Prerna Pratham Singh, a Delhi university student. Must read! harassment She not only gave this pervert a mind-blowing reply but shared a screenshot on her wall as well. “This married man is pretty much interested in knowing whether I conform to the qualifications of being a woman. His details are in the comment section. And whoever his wife is, Ma’am,you have my whole-hearted sympathy for marrying such an offender”. After Prerna updated her status and it started going on top of heap, guess what? The harasser updated an unexpected status saying that his account was hacked and it was somebody else sending those messages to the girl. facebook account What’s shocking in a country like ours is that even the police appreciated Prerna’s initiative and offered full support. police People on social media showed stupendous support for Prerna and the bully’s inbox was flooded with messages like these, to which he offered the same excuse. harrasser Prerna will be filing an FIR against the bully soon. Kudos to her! We extend our support for her and every other person who chooses to fight against injustice!

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