The Simple Solution For Dowry Is Here! You Can’t Miss This!

India is well known for its rich culture. And through ages they have evolved in different ways. One of them is this DOWRY system. dowry Dowry was primarily a farewell gift, given out of the love. These days, it is outrageous to see this dowry is more snatched from the bride’s parents who shed their sweat and blood to marry their daughter. From ages, the marriage has been the union of two souls. But this union of souls has now turned into a trade. As soon as people get to know that they have given birth to a baby boy they celebrate as their son is going to get loads of dowry when he marries. Many of the families give dowry in order to show their economic status to the world. But some are forcefully made to give it. When they fail to do so often the girl is punished and even she is thrown into death valley. So what should we do to prevent this? Don’t you think, it is quite simple? When we go to buy some device, we do inquire a lot about the products. Why not inquire about the boy you are looking for, to be married to your girl and make things clear right at the very first meeting that—‘Hey, we are strictly against dowry and if you are marrying our daughter to earn some money and take some possessions, than try some other place and if you think my daughter is going to be a full-time maid after marriage doing all the homely things all alone, let me tell you, she will do what she wants. She will continue doing her job so that she can manage her own expenses and you are no one to stop her from doing what separates her from equality’.         ————–

 About the Author: This article is contributed by Vijayanand A J, our intern.
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