Sex work and the need for its abolition

  Sex work is a demeaning practice that affects the quality of life of the people involved and worsens the society. Diseases like AIDS may spread rapidly due to it. Sex workers come from abusive, disorganized, poor and disrespected families where the family members may be unemployed and in need of money. After falling in the trap, they loiter over the streets, intoxicated and ready to react violently to any threat or harm of humiliation. ‘In some cases, women are even kidnapped and forced to do through coercion. Mostly, the victims are women, who suffer extreme pain and are even exploited. Sex workers may have a very ordinary dream to live a peaceful life with two meals a day and have enough money to fulfill their needs but selling their bodies for the sake of money is an immoral and unlawful act. They can only dream of peace as sex workers have to routinely face the law in its annoying and unsparing form. Existing laws accuse women for being guilty of promoting, supporting and committing moral blasphemy while the clients which are caught are let off easily.

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Sex workers have to live their life in shame without family support and true friends. They are particularly vulnerable to rape and coercion and are often stressed committing suicide in extreme cases. They get involved in huge drug and alcohol intake and lose their health. They can’t be the active members of the society and can’t have good families and a good quality of life. For many sex workers, it may be the only employment or survival option and for others it becomes an occupation. Due to such mean things, every woman is looked upon with disrespect and lust. No place remains safe for her, be it market place, shopping malls, lanes, etc. Sex works even pollute the society and minds of most of the men. In certain extreme cases, sex works may lead to the birth of illegitimate child and badly affect his/her life forcing him/her to get involved in sex works and abandoning his/her right to be respected. This will deteriorate the society and increase fear and insecurity. There are other better ways to earn money and live a peaceful life. Though hard work is needed to be done for it but it will amount to respect in the society that is worth of it. We will have better and responsible families and surely the quality of life will become better. Obviously there are lots of noble profession to be taken other than sex work for earning money that will not hold a bad reputation or show disrespect to others.

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No religion permits such an immoral practice such as sex work for the sake of money. Noble living includes getting married and raising children and contributing to a better, responsible society and doing everything for the welfare of humankind and giving equal respect to everyone and promoting education and true knowledge for all. In my opinion, sex work is in fact a demeaning practice and it should be abolished and banned so that the people can live a much better life and mutual respect may increase in the heart of every human being. The purpose of this article is not to condemn women for engaging in sex work but to highlight the consequences that tend to affect them in a greater way. Laws need to be made to provide better employment to all and make a better world for both women and men.’           ———— About the Author: This article is contributed by Anam Fatima, our intern. The content has been solely written by our intern, Anam and it does not necessarily reflect the opinion of Respect Women.

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