Men Of Reddit Shed Light On What It’s Like To Be Raped By A Woman

We asked Men, “Why do they rape Women?” Believe us or not – Some men answered this and their answers will shock you!

Sexual desire. Sexual frustration. Urge to control. Challenge to established patriarchy. Deep sense of insecurity. Unwilling to accept women who disturb the balance of power. Women dressed up inappropriately. She was Drunk. I was Drunk.
And a lot more reasons which certainly had no logic!

Now, have you every heard of Men being raped? No!

Because these illogical reasons, gender stereotypes and stigma appear to be creating a barrier for many men to openly seek help and report attacks.

See How Men Of Reddit Shed Light On What It’s Like To Be Raped By A Woman!








For me one of the scariest parts is that so many of the victims seem to be unsure of whether their case qualifies as rape or not. If the genders were reversed they definitely would be, so what’s the difference?

According to The Telegraph an estimated 9,000 men are victims of rape or attempted rape in the U.K each year. But staggeringly in 2012 only 1,250 of these cases were reported to the police. Clearly something needs to be done to help shake the stigma and encourage victims to come forward.

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