Memes of our feminist dreams—The best of critical feminist Corgi

Ahh, the internet. It just doesn’t teach you the wrong things, but right things too! Make way for the best memes of feminism, this is the best of critical feminist Corgi. 1.Spelling out the critical feminist Corgi corgi meme 2.On not knowing if you can call yourself a feminist or not feminist meme 3.On bashing slut-shaming slut-shaming meme 4.On clarifying feminism completely equalist meme 5.On being pro-choice pro-choice 6.Feminism and beauty standards beauty standards 7.On sexismsexism meme 8.On the irony of how society defines the feminist looks feminist 9.On media’s representation of women 866666249 10.On women’s reproductive rights 182786434 11.On normalising breastfeeding 991055238 Isn’t Corgi truly a feminist’s best friend?

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