It’s difficult to be a girl


I can’t explain in words, How difficult it is to be a girl. But you must learn to rise when you fall. I can’t explain in words… Roadside romeos, bastards all around They suck your blood till you are alive, till you are sound. Yes, you may think I sound mentally bound But do you even realize what’s going around? Your sisters and mothers are prone to this threat, They face it daily, every now and then. Still they are taught to face this hell. I can’t explain in words… Filthy humans and their cheesy quotes… They can embarrass you from head to toe. But you will still be taught to treat them nicely, like your friend, unlike your foe. Do you still want me to explain in words? I can’t explain in words… Call me crazy, call me insane I am still going to say the same… I don’t care about the blame game I know you will call me dumbstruck, but I don’t give a f*#k… I can’t explain in words How difficult it is to be a girl… Now, it’s for you to realize, for you to take a stand. . Let’s just check who is a real woman and who is a real man…!!


 ABOUT THE AUTHOR: This article is written by Ishita Kapoor. Ishita sees her passion in writing and hopes to change the world. She is also the co–founder of Respect Women and an initiator in making people get their voices heard.

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