Breaking Stereotypes About the Modeling Business! Just Look At This Woman’s Fascinating Figure

Plus-sized models are gaining more and more popularity. Aren’t they?

Thanks to both their charm and guts for carrying themselves so well and telling us that body-shaming ain’t the right thing. They also communicate to us how curvy body is sexy!

The modeling business will soon be reaching a point realizing this and will stop discriminating women based on their body. Till then, take a look at Stefania Ferrario—the plus-sized model and her fascinating figure.


This 23-year-old Australian girl works as a model and actively resists the practice of people like her being labeled “plus-sized.”




“I am a model. Unfortunately, in the modeling business you get called “plus-sized” if you’re a little larger than average. I think this can have a negative effect on a model’s chances of success.”








Image source: © Instagram  

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