VIRAL: Woman priests at a Bengali wedding, father refuses to do Kanyadaan. Internet goes Crazy!

As per a viral tweet, a bride’s father at a Bengali Wedding refused to do kanyadaan saying that his daughter wasn’t a property to give away.

The bride’s father clarified with a speech on not performing the ritual. It was a mutual decision between the girl and boy’s family. This wedding literally won hearts all over the internet for all the right reasons! And it will be the most badass yet heart-touching thing you will read today.

One of the guests named Asmita Ghosh, present at the wedding, shared this tweet about the beautiful incident and since then Twitter has been flooded with praises for the father’s gesture. The tweet reads:

Previously, a video went viral on social media where in a Bengali bride not just posed happily for the cameramen but also retorted to the Kanakanjali ceremony, saying, “you can never repay parents debts”.

The bride is expected to throw handfuls of rice over to her mother in lieu of having ‘repaid all her debts’, in this ceremony. The bride carried forth all the rituals though, donning a traditional red-coloured Banarasi saree, she attacked several stereotypes. Also, she bid her parents a hearty goodbye, assuring that she will come back to her house whenever she wants to. 

Watch the sassy video below which broke the internet as the netizens wildly lauded her, saying more women need to come out, being inspired by her.

Isn’t this absolutely heartwarming and beautiful? Wish all of us learn something from this!