‘VIDAAI’ for Girls; Why not for Boys?

Every girl dreams about getting married one day! Well, we all have imagined ourselves in bright immaculate wedding dress and trinkets; looking the most beautiful bride and being married to a Prince Charming. We are unquestionably not responsible for such high dreams but those fairy tales are! But Marriage brings a conclusion to such dreams. Some lucky ones do get their Prince Charming while others forget him as a dream. indian wedding Excitement of marriage comes to an end with ‘Vidaai’. Yes, the Most Emotional Ceremony where the girl leaves her family to start a new life with her husband. Her in-laws become her new family. Well, everything sounds very simple, doesn’t it??? But guys here let me take the pleasure of asking you something “did you ever think how difficult would that are to girls?” our so called society does have an answer to this even, “she is supposed to do that, as she is a girl” Now let me ask you, why we are supposed to leave our family for tying knot with a new family? Is it right to break the old strong relationships for the sake of new one. How are you trying to justify this dear society? Yes, we are girls and we do have emotions. And why wouldn’t we have? We are born the same way you are born guys. We have been our dad’s princess and mom’s expectation. We worked hard to get graduated and we are definitely not graduated in cleaning and washing as you guys think. We get a job, and then you guys enter and even take away our parents right over the money we earn. Don’t you?? But the society never listens to our wishes. We are treated as stranger’s wealth. And with this thought they ask us to leave our family one day. On one fine morning we go with a man and accept his family, in spite of knowing the fact that you won’t have your mother there, on whose lap you can lay and cry. And you won’t have your dad to say that my princess is the best in the world. So guys to appreciate us you need to put yourselves in our place. Why can’t we have vidaai for boys? Why can’t you guys come and stay with our family, because just like you we too have a family. We too have mother and father. This act definitely needs courage, and our society has this misconception that boys are more courageous. But think again, is it you who have the courage or us. Before you take girls for granted just think because ”being a girl is not easy”.          


About the Author: This article is contributed by Srilekha Nambiar, our Intern.

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