“United Kingdom’s Daughters”: An Indian Man’s Response To The BBC Documentary

BBC released India’s Daughter – the documentary that was based on the horrific rape of Nirbhaya. And for those of you who agreed on banning the documentary, let me tell you it wasn’t made for glorifying the rapists but bringing to us the harsh story that we must take as a lesson from & do something for a change. But horrendous violations against humans and their right to freedom happens everywhere in the world and this is what an Indian man tried to portray in this video. Harvinder Singh says, “When BBC made a film on rape in UK, they named ” I never said yes” but when they made film in India, they named it “India’s Daughter” as everybody in India is a rapist & teach us moral lesson. They clearly tried to Tarnish the image of India”.

“A daughter is a daughter, she is not Indian or British & we have the same pain as the British people.”

Watch this viral video -> https://youtu.be/twUmDDMX9tU     Also read: India’s Daughter Banned! How About Banning The Rapists?


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