This Women’s day, let’s fight for equal wages!

India is a patriarchal country where men are given more importance than women. Gender plays a very heavy role in each and every aspect of people’s lives in India. Even after 67 years of independence women are still not treated as equal to men. In the present century, women are contributing more to the economy of the Nation, more or less  at par with men. However the salary they are paid less than the men for the same work.  One of the directive principles of the state policy in Indian Constitution is “equal pay for equal work”. Equal-Pay-Act Based on this principle, Equal remuneration Act was passed. But till now discrimination prevails in payment of wages. This is because even now there is a myth prevailing that ‘women are not suitable for heavy work. They had to take care of their child and family’. Women are far more skillful than this society pictures them. They work as equal as men do. They contribute more to the family and the economy each and every year. In rural areas women are employed only for less skilled works and are not paid fair wages. equal-pay-day This Women’s day, let us dream & visualize that in the coming years, the pathetic situation of women will change and they will be paid fair wages based on their work and not based on their gender. Once we visualize, I am sure we can work together to make our dream come true!       ————

About the Author: The article has been contributed by our intern, Lavanya Narayanan.

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